Human Grade Quality oils and fats

Low temperature, minimally processed, human grade quality oils and fats available now for use in your recipe’s from GA.

At GA we press our own oils on site in small batches using dedicated equipment which operates “similar to a kitchen salad spinner where the oil is squeezed away from the meat”, says David Bennison - Group Sales Director.

This allows us to coat kibbles with amazingly high quality fats and oils seen normally in human foods and gives us the full traceability back to source, from farm, fishery or boat! The marketing potential along with super quality, palatability success and traceability is second to none!   

“These oils aren’t your usual high temperature rendered ‘pet food grade’ type oils. They are so fresh, the laboratory testing finds little to no sign of oxidisation or aging” says James Lawson – GA’s Joint Managing Director.

These low temperature oils prepared on site are the finest oils available in the world for producing pet food.

If you would like to take advantage of these marketing and quality benefits please contact your account manager or the GA Freshtrusion team on 01257 633137 or to make use of this unique opportunity to gain a marketing and technical advantage with your own brand pet food.