GA Awarded MSC Certification


GA Pet Food Partners gains accreditation with the Marine Stewardship Council ‎(MSC) and ‎offers 'complete' Freshly Prepared MSC highly ethical Fish recipes for the discerning market.
James Lawson, Joint Managing Director says, 'For years GA has been using ethically sourced,  MSC Cod, Haddock, Plaice and Coley and other species fish for our brand partners. Sourced from the UK and Irish seas and oceans of the world.
GA's Freshtrusion technology and MSC certification now allows our brand partners to offer this ethical advancement in pet food‎ and we can shout loud and clear about it!'
MSC is an internationally recognised body which offers a standard to track and trace fish which are sustainably sourced, 'right throughout the food chain'.
The brand 'MSC' has become synonymous around the world for ‎its high quality of ethical standards and now, our partner brands can, if they also choose to become registered with the MSC, use these high quality sources and the MSC logo on pack and in consumer communications. 
Until now, we have not been allowed to use the 'MSC claim' on our fish sources, because it ‎requires an audited secure chain of custody and certification. 
The MSC allows:
1) Registration 
2) Auditing of the supply chain 
3) Use of the logo and marketing credentials this brings
Just as we have seen in the human food industry, the super premium pet food industry will also demand these levels of ethics. ''And it won't stop at fish'' say James, ''Free Range Chicken and outdoor farmed produce will also become a standard for the ethical conscious demanding ‎consumer as time goes on.