Another World First for GA

Completely Fresh – Fresh Meat and now fresh vegetables, herbs and botanicals.

For the past 20 years GA have focused on innovation and investment as a core strategic approach. They may have invested over £25 million in the last few years, but this has given their Partner brands some fantastic quality products and some amazing opportunities to grow, returning well on the investments made. Their Partner brands success is a testament to this philosophy.

The innovation has culminated in an ever advancing technology which they have called Freshtrusion™.

Innovation in extrusion of fresh ingredients

Fresh ingredients in extrusion

Freshtrusion™ allows more fresh ingredients to be used in dry extruded pet foods than any other extrusion system available in the world.” says James Lawson, GA’s Joint Managing Director.

GA’s focus on innovation with fresh ingredients has allowed their customers to almost double their businesses with them in the last 5 years. “Our expertise in this field has seen an amazing 70% uptake of this technology and our clients have seized this fantastic opportunity to grow!” commented James. Freshtrusion™ is the technological brain child of James, who’s responsibilities include innovation strategy and the overall commercial direction within the GA business. “I’m a pet food ‘chef’ at heart. I am a nutritionist and have an absolute focus and passion to offer the healthiest and the highest quality foods possible. This was made simple when joining GA because of a shared philosophy with the owners.”


For them Innovation is at the heart of all that they do. The last 5 years has been dedicated to including fresh

ingredients into dry pet food at levels previously unheard of and impossible to achieve. This began and continues with a fantastic relationship with Wenger and GA’s commissioning of the world’s first

‘Thermal-twin’ extruder.

GA’s FresthrusionTM is on its ‘third generation’ of innovation, ‘Completely Fresh’ – is the new ultimate in dry extruded pet foods to be launched this year at Interzoo. There are now options to add even higher levels of meats, fish and now to combine these with fresh carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, botanicals and of course fresh oils and fats too! ‘Quite simply this has allowed us to offer recipe solutions using human grade quality ‘fresh ingredients’ where > 300g fresh ingredients per 100g of dry kibble can be used. This is more fresh ingredients on a weight for weight basis than even raw / fresh products on sale! Explaining this feat to the consumer is a bigger challenge than making the foods now!” says David Bennison, GA’s Sales Director.

There is no doubt consumers have taken more interest in what they are feeding to their pets. It is not just about the price, feeding performance, coat shine or stool quality, however important these are. The nutritional quality, ingredient type, concentration used, the provenance and ethical sourcing are increasingly scrutinized and purchasing decisions made on the basis of an innate confidence these points bring. 

“With completely fresh potatoes, carrots, fish and meats going into the Frestrusion™ cooking system GA’s Partner brands will continue to offer innovation to the consumer, which should keep the developing market interested” commented James.  

David Bennison goes on to mention; “Not only have we innovated the production process, but, we have also invested heavily in ‘enterprising services’ to assist our Partner brands in the whole supply chain. From sourcing fresh ingredients in small batches of known quality and provenance, to cold pressing oils and fats, to assisting with the design and sourcing of packaging, and microbiological testing of every single batch of food manufactured in our own on site rapid testing laboratory, to warehousing and logistics of individual packs to consumers. This is to name just a few.”

The innovation and investment doesn’t end there. “We are just embarking on a very exciting 10 year expansion plan to keep pace with our Partner brands growth. We will continue to drive quality and innovation into all that we do” said James.